Actual Factuals (The Banner Aside)
IP -

Our server is hybrid Survival and Creative with PVP in the Nether. We have NO blacklisted items because we can't stand when we can't use an item frame or a freakin minecart.

In addition to survival, we have a very nice HungerGames arena, MobArena, and SkyBlock! More to come.

We have a spawn area with several shops that sell most of the items in the game. In addition to buying you may also sell most items other than a few easily obtainable blocks like dirt and sand. We also have ChestShop set up so you can build your own shops very easily.

We are running GriefPrevention to protect your things. And, we provide a free kit to get a golden shovel for land claiming at anytime.

Looking forward to seeing you on PUNKFUNK!