WytozCraft Crack Pack 1.6.4| Dedicated Server| |GriefPrevention|Prism|Ranks|Teamspeak|

Friendly little server that all can join and build+have fun.. Just remember to follow the rules and you will be fine.. So why not come and say hey :) We are always looking for great builders and peoples that like to play minecraft and have fun and not rage.. You can build and have fun no one will disturb you if you don't want to be disturb..

Server: ftb.voltacraft.eu Web: http://www.wytozcraft.eu TS3:ts3.wytozcraft.eu
1. No Spamming
2. No Asking for Items, OP, or Creative Mode
3. No Swearing at others
4. No breaking people's locks if possible
5. Don't complain
6. Don't advertise other servers!
7. Respect Others
8. No Griefing
9. No Sexism
10. No Racism
11. No Caps in Chat
12. Don't ask for items back if lost in a roll back or crash
13. No X-ray
14. No Hacks
15. Don't use glitches or exploits
16. Obey Staff