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Welcome To Gaming!

This server is for the players that is looking for a small community with active players on.
We're a friendly and good community, and here to help you out with any questions you might have.
Please bare in mind that asking for OP / Admin / Staff / Mod is not allowed ( Read our Rules ).

This server is all about maintaining respect for eachother and a good community.
We have a big spawn ready for you, not a huge spawn, but you'll get the message. It contains everything from showers, bathrooms, dancing floors, gardens etc etc ...and hidden rooms!

We have also a Jail building somewhere ;) So if you don't behave you will be jailed / muted - all depends on the situation.
The portals to different worlds can be temporarily be found if you find the path outside the spawn building, follow the path and you'll discover our old spawn :)

In the first World you spawn in, anything is allowed - which means PvE / PvP / Faction etc is mixed. If you dont want to PvP and just go PvE only - we suggest you go and visit the PvE world (Which again can be found by following the path outside the spawn).

When you log into our server you have to register an account before you can play. You have 20 seconds to do so before you get kicked by the timer.

Here is a quick how to register:

Type: /register test123 test123
Now you are registered - Next time use /login test123 to login !

Obviously you shouldn't use a test123 password that was just to show you :)

If you have any questions - whatever they may be please do ask us ingame or leave a comment below !
- Do NOT ask for Staff / OP / Mod / Admin etc. As we are not in need of any at this time.

We hope you enjoy and hope to see you in game. !