Pixelmon Unleashed

PMU is currently running pixelmon 3.1
So make you sure you have that version of pixelmon installed before you try getting on the server.

PMU has a lot of features to offer everyone!
Quest - Quest can be found at each city on the quest board
Build a base - Build a base with some friends
Catch Pokémon - Pokémon can be found all over the world
Become an Gym Leader - Players are the gym leaders. So get ready!
Battle Gyms - Why fight all those boring NPCs? When you can face the gym leaders
Elite Four - Once you beat all 8 gyms you can challenge the Elite Four! They wont go easy on you =]

that you got a basic understanding on PMU. About all I can say now is
Welcome to Pixelmon Unleashed and we hope to see you on the server soon