Towncraft Family Friendly Minecraft Server

We're a great community that features the following:
Hard Difficulty Survival Mode
Active Forums
Dedicated Website
Jobs: Including Assassin and Engineer!
Drive Cars! (At Knight Rank and higher)
HQ's for every Job!
Building Contests
Player Shops
Ability to Buy and Sell on Auctions
Active In-Game Newspaper! (Get with /news)
Multiple Worlds Both PvP and Non (Non PvP is default)
Mini Games such as Pig Fishing, Pig Racing, BattleBox and Gauntlet!
Ranks system with great perks at every level, including rank HQ
Growing Capitol City with lots to explore every day
Easy to find open biomes and plenty of towns you can easily build in
Wonderful Town Mayors - you can become one too!
Additional Private Map for those that wish to play more "Vanilla"
Awesome OP Team
Active TeamSpeak Server!
Active YouTube Channel
It's just a fun place to play and this list is growing all the time.
Join us on Towncraft... you won't be disappointed.