Minecraft Survival Servers

On a survival server it's all about survival but not building and mining still plays a big part as it's two things which will in the long run keep you alive as you need resources such as food and a nice base in order to protect yourself from monsters and other creatures that might try to eliminate you. This gamemode is most likely the most popular one as most servers offers this in one or another way. Luckily not all are the same and many have their very own unique touch to make them stand out. This gamemode can be played both alone and together as in a group.

Below is a list of all our top twenty survival servers.

MacPvP Factions 1.4.6
Ravand.org RPG|Economy|PvP
Cubiville - Modern Minecraft
Sweeping Space Skyblock
[1.4.7] Craftec Minecraft Server 1.4.7 - Factions!
[*] GoodolMc S1
[*] iPwnAge [1.4.6] [Semi-Creative] [Ranks] [24/7] [Kits]
Geecraft Faction PvP MCmmo Mob arena Drop party and mush more!
Vanilla Gaming
[*] DakotaKraft 1.4.6 | 16Gb Ram | Factions | Harcore PvP | Conquest | Raiding | Heads | Beer | McMmo | Jobs |
[*] MCEmpire - [Factions][MCMMO][Survival/Creative]
OutopiaCraft.eu (No-Whitelist) with Creative, Survival, PvP, HungerGames, PaintBall and more
[*] ►►► 24/7 ♣ GetBueno ♣ | Factions | 120 Slots | No Lag | Balanced Economy | Tpa | No Rules | Griefing | Raiding | No Spawn Signs | Starter Kit◄◄◄
[*] iCraft - [Free Items] [Towny]
[*] ThoughtCraft
[*] McCity - City Simulations