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What is Minecraft seeds?

Minecraft seeds are like codes, randomly generated numbers and letters, that if used will create a specific world terrain. Seeds can be shared with others as they form exactly the same landscape. Therefore seeds have become quite popular as if you end up in a world with very cool terrain, unique to any other, this you may want to share with others. Therefore there are websites only dedicated for this that lets you share your seeds with others. Continue reading

Monthly Update Report - December, 2012

Each time we are updating our website with features or anything that somehow relates to the toplist/site we will make sure to post it here. It’s a way to show we care for the toplist and want it to improve. As this is the first update I’m writing it will also be the one with less information as it’s not long ago since we started. We plan on writing updates every month, probably in the end of every month or in the start of a new one and talk about what happend the past month. Continue reading

Play Minecraft For Free

Minecraft is a huge success but that might not be enough proof for everyone to actually pay for the game. Either that or maybe you can’t afford it at the moment. Whatever the reason might be there’s no need for you to worry that you can’t take apart of this awesome game because Notch has made it pretty clear himself he’s okay people using piracy and other ways to play his game and if they feel they enjoy the game later then purchase it to support Mojang. Continue reading