Creating A Minecraft Server

If you follow our simple guide how to create a Minecraft server we can promise you that you will have a server up running soon. First off you need to have a Minecraft account in order to play on your server. If you haven’t got one already you need to purchase the game over at and it’s currently on sale for 26.95 euro.

First we are going to find out whether it is possible for you to run a Minecraft server on your machine or not. Go to, start a test and wait for it to complete. Once it is done you will see your download and upload speed.

Next go to Input your download and upload speed in the right fields. The last thing we need to find out is how much RAM your computer have. In my case I have 4 GB. However, it says I must input my RAM as MB (megabytes). 4 GB equals 4000 MB. That means I will type in 4000 and then click the button for it to calculate what my machine can run. Incase this test told you that you can’t run a server, you are probably better off renting a server. If you don’t know how much RAM your computer have, please click on the link that fits your computer description and it will redirect you to a tutorial to teach you that: Windows 7 / Windows Vista, Windows XP

Go to Minecraft’s download page and download the file called ‘Minecraft_Server.exe’ (or ‘minecraft_server.jar’ depending on what operating system you got). Once you have downloaded the file to your computer locate it and start it. If everything goes as planned it should look like shown below.

As you can see, the server is up running. Don’t mind the two warnings you may see in the log. This is because those files aren’t created yet. As soon you add an operator to the server or whitelist a name the files will be automatically created.

Connecting to your own server is easy. All you gotta do is go to Minecraft and instead of typing in an IP Address you can type in ‘localhost’. Please keep in mind it’s only possible to connect this way to your server if you are on the same local network as yourself.

If not, they will have to connect through your external IP address. This address can be found here. They also need your port. As standard it is 25565. To connect they need to type in Normally this won’t work because first you need to forward your port.

To forward your port for Minecraft, please go here. It is a guide specially made how to forward ports for Minecraft.

If you have finished all our steps you should have a Minecraft server up running that anyone in the world can connect to. And also, don’t forget adding it to our toplist. Goodluck!

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