How to Create a Link to MinePick From Your Website

Getting your players to vote for your server is one of the keys in order to gain better rankings on MinePick. The best way doing this is creating a visible link from your website to There are several ways you can do this and in this tutorial we will show you the most common, useful and best ways doing it.

Depending what platform you use different ways are used. In this tutorial we will assume you use any of the common ones, such as: WordPress, Enjin, Joolma or a website you created yourself from scratch.

Text links

WordPress/Joolma/similar: In WordPress you can use Visual Editor och HTML mode. Depending on what you use differs the way you create the link. If you use the visual editor you can simply select the words you want to create a link of and click link in the menu and then simply follow the steps given.

If you use the HTML editor, then use this code:
<a href="">Change this to what you like</a>
This is the standard way to create a HTML textlink.

There are modules on Enjin that let you create your own HTML code but there probable reason why you chose to go with Enjin was most likely that you didn’t want to code everything yourself and therefore there’s free modules that lets you add voting links to your sidebar or whereever you want it to appear.

Image links

WordPress/Joolma/similar: It’s very similar to how you create a text link. Let me show you:

<a href=""><img src="" title="MinePick" alt="MinePick black logo" /></a>

title = give a short description of the image
alt = a bit more complete description of the image

As you can see the different from a text link is that we put the image code inside the a href link.

If you don’t understand even though this tutorial how to create a link from your website to MinePick then all you gotta do is contact us and we will be happy to assist you.