How to Install Votifier

This tutorial consists in a series of tutorials about Votifier and how to get more votes and reach high in toplists.

Votifier makes it possible for a server owner to reward players who vote. The fact you have loyal players or not doesn’t really matter when it comes to make players taking action as voting for the server. Usually you need an other element to engage players in helping you and that is where Votifier comes in and does the job for you, but first you have to install Votifier. It can be a bit tricky and therefore we suggest you to follow our tutorial in order to install it with success.

Download Votifier: Download the latest version of Votifier from the official Votifier page. Simply click the “Download” link the right top corner and wait for it to download to your computer.

Once the file has finished downloading you should have a new file in your downloads folder (or wherever you chose to download it to) called Votifier.jar. This is the file you must upload to your server host. Assuming you host your server at a server host we will move forward and show you how to install it on your server.


Upload Votifier to Your Minecraft Server: You can upload the file to your server either by going directly to your server hosts site and use their file manager or use the most common and fast way to upload files to your server by using a FTP manager program called FileZilla.

Connect to your host and place the Votifier.jar file inside your plugins folder. If you have no plugins folder in your Minecraft server root you must first create a folder named ‘plugins’.


Start your Minecraft server: Start your server. If your server already was on then restart it. As soon as your server has finished loading and is up running there should be a new
folder inside your plugins folder named ‘Votifier’.

If you look inside your Votifier folder there should be three different things:
Folder: listeners
Folder: rsa
File: config.yml
If you can not see any of these files you should go back to step two.


Listeners: Before you can take advantage of Votifier’s features you must install something called listeners. These are scripts you use in order to reward players when they vote for your server on the different toplists that support Votifier.

Click on this link to go to Votifier’s own forum to find a listener you would like to use. It’s recommended to use a listener already tried by others. Sort therefore posts by views/replies in order to get an idea of which which listeners are popular. Otherwise it’s possible they risk to be broken.
To use a listener simply place the listener file in the listeners folder and restart your server.


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