How to Use Votifier on MinePick

This tutorial consists in a series of tutorials about Votifier. Click here to get to the first tutorial in this series.

Follow this quick guide and learn how to use Votifier on MinePick.

Enable Votifier: To use Votifier you need to enable Votifier. Once you have checked the enable box a few more text fields will show up.

Get your Votifier details: Now you need to find your Votifier details. These details consists of the following: Votifier Address, Port and a Public Key.

Your Voitifier Address is same as your server IP.

The Votifier port is found in your config.yml file inside your Votifier folder (root\plugins\Votifier\). To open your config.yml file you need to right click the file and choose to open it with notepad or similar program (Notepad ++ is a highly recommended software). From your config.yml file simply copy the port and insert it in the the right field (Votifier Port) on MinePick.

To find your public key go into your rsa folder (\plugins\Votifier\rsa\) and right click the file called public.key and choose opening it with your text editor program. In that file you will find a long code. Select all of it and copy it. Then paste it in the public key text area on MinePick.

Once you have filled in your details simply click save and you are done.