Minecraft Pictures

Minecraft is a game where creativity stands in focus. There have been so many amazing things created in this game. Huge scary dragons to beautiful castles made of blocks. The fact they are all made by just blocks is stunning, really. Two good resources when wanting to see some good creations from in-game creations are Minecraft Delicious and the Minecraft Museum.

Minecraft Delicious is more like a blog with weekly updates of awesome creations. Here you find a lot of eye-candy only as purpose to please your mind and strengthen your own creativity.

Minecraft Museum is the number one museum for pictures. It has been online for a very long time but the downside with this site is that there are many pictures which really aren’t that awesome but that’s something you gotta live with and if you only want to see the most awesome pictures you could always go to Minecraft Delicious but then you could of course miss out on some pictures.

Down below you will find some detailed works.

Minecraft Moon


This is really what I call eye-candy. Both are very detailed, especially the second one. Even though much detailing has been put to the building we can also see there’s a specific modpack that’s probably used to get the best looks of it. On the first picture it’s hard to say what creates such a beautiful picture. The shining object is said to be a moon, but I’m not sure. It doesn’t look like our moon, but maybe it’s not the same moon as we have.