Play Minecraft For Free

Minecraft is a huge success but that might not be enough proof for everyone to actually pay for the game. Either that or maybe you can’t afford it at the moment. Whatever the reason might be there’s no need for you to worry that you can’t take apart of this awesome game because Notch has made it pretty clear himself he’s okay people using piracy and other ways to play his game and if they feel they enjoy the game later then purchase it to support Mojang. (Basing this on this tweet made by Markus “Notch” Persson)

Minecraft Demo - PC Gamer

Lets get started. There are several ways you can get your hands on Minecraft and play it for no cost. The first way we’ll be talking about is probably the most legit one. Minecraft has created a demo of the game specially for PC Gamer, which is if you didn’t already know a huge gaming site/magazine. You can download this demo for free from their website. Two downsides with this demo is that you can only play the game for a specified time and you can’t go play multiplayer, but it sure gives you a taste of what the real is about.

Free Forever, Less Features

If you don’t want to be limited to a demos features and be able to play only for a short while there are websites out there that lets you play the game for free. One website giving you this possibility is This is not far that different from the demo as you are still limited to only the singleplayer option and the classic gamemode which in other terms means there will be no monsters and you don’t really mine your materials to build things. Instead you have got infinitive of every block.