Monthly Update Report - December, 2012

Each time we are updating our website with features or anything that somehow relates to the toplist/site we will make sure to post it here. It’s a way to show we care for the toplist and want it to improve. As this is the first update I’m writing it will also be the one with less information as it’s not long ago since we started. We plan on writing updates every month, probably in the end of every month or in the start of a new one and talk about what happend the past month. We also plan on showing the exact statistics for visitors every month because we believe that would be a great way to see how the website grows and becomes bigger. Fun data to collect and useful to show.

The most important thing that we have done this month is moving to a VPS (virtual private server). Hopefully this will speed our website up and also allow us to add more features to our website as the time goes. A VPS gives us more control of our website. But as the site grows we will most likely need to get something heavier (also known as upgrading our VPS package).

As I mentioned before, this post wasn’t going to be a long one because we are still quite new and most of the things that has been done is bug fixes and other small fixes not worth mentioning here.