What is a Minecraft Whitelist?

A whitelist is something a server uses. This is a way to decide who can connect to the server and who can not. All names that are on the whitelist are names that can all enter the server whenever they wish. If you want to connect to a server that uses this feature you first need to get on their whitelist. Usually that’s done by joining their forum and writing an application. The reason why a server would use this could for example be that they don’t want griefers and such to enter their server and destroy creations or act out of order. In other words, it’s a way to protect their players from rulebreakers.

To turn your whitelist on you can start your server and in the console type: “whitelist on”. This will enable the whitelist. If you haven’t already done this a new file will be created in your root folder. This file will be named “white-list.txt”. Open it up and start filling in names. One name per line. The whitelist is case sensitive so make sure you put in the right names.

If you want to turn the whitelist feature off. Go to your console and type in “whitelist off”. This will disable the whitelist.