Server ID #112 - Sweeping Space Skyblock

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server 112
  7   356   11/26/2012  

Popular Island World / Skyblock server made by a couple of people with a long experience in Minecraft.

This server is a place for us to hang out and have some fun together. It's open for everyone, but still important to follow our rules.

In general you start out in our Spawn area - from here you can view some help signs, tutorials, shops and trade booths. First task is to setup your first island in the game with the command /island create

From there you slowly build up your island to get bigger and possible start to farm animals, mobs and crops. All can be sold at the Shops at spawn, where you can buy more unique items and blocks.

We make some Island Show off contests now and then with prizes.

A good idea is to try and make as many Challenges as you can ingame - this will help you towards growing big and powerfull in the Skyblock world.

Some more usefull places on the website is the Forum and actual working Commands ingame.