Server ID #163 - Geecraft Faction PvP MCmmo Mob arena Drop party and mush more!

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server 163
  12   235   12/31/2012  

Ok so why would you come in Geecraft?
Alright, let me give you the answer.
1-No mcmmo. Just a pure Faction PvP raiding server.
2.Drop party everytime. To keep the server ecnomy stable.
3-Smart staff.Not some kids banning for no reason. We demand proof posted on the forum or skype if you acuse someone of something.
4-No lwc , floaution, PvPlogger....Basic Gee stuff..
5-Donation really worth it and the money is only used for the server upgrade.
6-99%uptime. If no't the owner will warn you before he shut down the server.
7-No spawn killing.. Well Sure you can spawn kill but there isn't a death point when if you pass it you can't comeback to the safezone.. In my spawn, you just need to run back to the spawn to get to the safe zone.If you want to mess with real peeps in prot 4 You need to go far away out.
8-NO LAGG , My host is just incredible. The only way the server would lag is by getting ddosed.

Please guys donation really counts. It help us getting a better host to make your gaming experience way better.
Guys pls vote! You recieve 20 diamonds 2 stack of exp bottle and 10god apples! Stay in-game thought
So if you have a 10bucks or I don't know. Instead of wasting it into candy's or Mcdonald. Just think of the server you are playing on. Our website wish isn't done at all

The server got up on december 15. So please don't critisize anything.Everything is in progress. and having players playing on it help us fix the server.

If the donations don't work or there is a glitch or something just dont work in the server report it to Geef(me) ASAP.


You'll find them in the server :)