Server ID #166 - (No-Whitelist) with Creative, Survival, PvP, HungerGames, PaintBall and more

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(This server has Votifier activated)
  15   228   01/02/2020  

We use AuthMe plugin, so on connection you will have to register (/register password password) Then you have to login using (/login password) You will have to /login every time you connect on our server.

Our server is not whitelisted so you can just connect and explore.

We have separate worlds where you can play in Creative or Survival.

A lot of events and games are waiting for you.

We have a great community with English, French, Greak and other speaking people. But everyone talks english.

We have some fun games:
HungerGames: /hg join
PaintBall: /pb lobby
TempleRun: /tr join
MobArena: /ma join

Few plugins and commands for the survival world:
Factions: If you want to make a faction and claim your house do (/f create name) and (/f claim ) to clame your plot.
Warps: PvP Arena (/warp pvp), Spawn (/spawn), AdminShop (/warp shop), List of warps (/warp)
ChestShop: Put a sign over a chest (on a wall) filled with same item. 1 raw of the sign your name, 2nd raw amount to buy or sell (10), 3 raw B price (B 100), 4th raw item name or id (dirt).

Please join us, our admins and mods are ready to help you at spawn .