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server 172
  46   19   01/05/2020  

Kingdom of Artania is a server based on the idea of having a mature, cheat-free and hack-free environment with no griefing. We don't plan on growing into a huge server, we like the idea of a small, tight-knit community.

Our server features many worlds powered by Multiverse. We have Realms for Creative, Survival, PVP/Arena, and Adventure worlds. We now have a Hunger Games map installed, fully automated with a plugin! Anti-hack and anti-grief measures are in place, and LogBlock is used to roll back any unfortunate incidents if needed.

We have a free ranking system as well as a donator ranking system. You can advance through 5 different ranks as a free player, or you can donate for some extra perks and help support our server. The server is supported 100% by donations and has been active since August, 2011.

If you are interested in trying out our server, you can join and play anytime. If you would like to become a member, visit and apply using the membership application. Accepted applicants become Squires (trial-members) and within a few weeks of playing actively, they can become Knights (full members).

See you on the server! (More in-depth server information is found on the signs at our spawn location. If you get stuck anywhere, type /spawn to go back to the spawn location).