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  85   1   01/07/2020  

Hello and welcome to my thread. Today i will be explaining my awesome minecraft survival server that is run by me and some very experienced developers. first off i want to explain who i am. I am a regular minecraft player who enjoys to play the game. I started a server recently after the server i always played on shutdown. I enjoy running a server, i feel players should have fun, not made to do things. That is why i started my server.A little background info about the server. The server is a SMP survival server with bukkit plugins and custom plugins. We use the bukkit plugins to do simple commands, like essentials, multiverse, and so on. Our custom plugins we use connect the website to the server. That means we log stuff in our mySQL database, which makes things even more customized. We also have a completely custom vote shop and voting system. I will explain more as the post goes onThe main idea of the server is to create things that interest you. Want to build a home with a few friends? You can do that here. Want to play a really fun game of mob arena? We have that. Want to play skyblock and parkour? We have that too! We are pretty much an all in one fun server. We are soon coming out with an RPG world that will make us that much better. Why join several servers when you can join ours and get the same experience.We are in the process of building ourselves a brand new spawn! I will link some pictures below. This spawn was built completely by us, and will make your interests in this server reach brand new highs!Spawn from the fountain: spawn picture: a picture of our mall:
We use Gold Ingots as our currency. To redeem your gold ingots, just do /bank and use the corresponding quick shop. There are multiple ways to make money, but the easiest is to do /redeemtime. This teleports you to a redeemtime booth. Each minute you spend on the server without logging out will equal .1 gold. So if you spend an hour on the server without logging out, you will earn 6 gold. Voting for the server is another great and easy way to make logs of gold! We are in the process of installing the jobs plugin that will allow you guys to be a certain job. Like a miner, woodcutter and so on.
We have a few cities at the moment where you can purchase home and shop lots. If you would like to make a city, you first need to apply for one on our website. Applying is a easy and painless thing to do, and can be very rewarding. Except for spawn, all of the cities on our server are player run, meaning an owner or co-owner of the city needs to be on to sell a lot to you. Cities are a great way to just hang out and build!
The Worlds
We have multiple worlds on this server. One being the normal survial world, which is our main world where all of the intense things go on. Another world we have is a Skyblock world. This is just a regular skyblock world, with an awesome spawn. Our final main world is a creative world. This world is only open to the donators of $20 or more. In this world, you can use worldedit, and lots of other block editing commands. We will soon have our RPG world which will bring much more fun to the server.
The Website
We truly try to connect our server and website together. We have 3 developers that all know how to use multiple coding languages, so we can customize things quite nicely. On the website, you can view server updates, discussions from users, view our dynamic map, apply for city and shop applications, and just overall socialize with our community. When you join the website, youíre automatically credited 20 gold!
Our server has a very unique applications system. Lets say you want to start a casino. Well first you need to log onto our website, make an account, and create a permit. Donít know how to make a permit? Itís really simple and easy to do, just copy and paste the correct format to a new thread. Then all that is left it to fill out the information and wait for a response from the senior admins.
Our server has a large amount of minigames, so ill just go down a list and name them all.- paintball- mobarena- cod zombies- labyrinth- spleef- king of the hill- mobmaze- CTF (soon to come)- and other minigames soon to come
Not only do we have a unique server, but we also have a teamspeak server where you can talk with most of the staff and other players. It is a great way to join the community, come in and join us on TS3 using the IP: infgaming.comPaintball arena: have many more builds and unique things on the server itself. How about you long on and see what it is like!