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  18   160   01/09/2020  


- Website is now up and running!
- Created a Facebook page!

If you have any other questions or want to contact us, please add soware2 on Skype or email

What is Arneo Style?

We are a PvP Minecraft server with Assassin's Creed Theme. Some of our main features include:

PvP: Free-for-all styled PvP is the majority of the server, but the donators can warp to creative and survival worlds. Go solo or team up with your friends in an open-world parkour environment.

Clans: Want to join a team? Create or join a clan and team up against other players or clans. All players can join clans, but only Donators can create clans.

Loot: Chests are scattered around the map with gold. Get the golds and exchange them to money. Every 15 minutes they restock.

Economy: We have a physical/virtual economy using gold. Buy with money you obtain from chests or players. The spawn bank is PvP free and contains enderchests for you to store your items.

Donation Perks: Like our server? Why not donate and help us keep it running while earning some sweet perks! Donators get priority when the server is full, access to enderchests from anywhere in the world, XP, money, a special donator suffix ingame, access to creative and survival and create a clan and more! Type /buy in-game to purchase Connor or other packages like Ezio and Altair.