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  55   9   01/11/2020  

Paradox Gamers is all about the community - we try our hardest to make our servers the perfect place for any user to play and enjoy themselves.
Of course we can't make everyone happy, but we damn sure try! If there is a plugin you would like to see on the server, you can suggest it - and once a month we will open a poll to every single member of the server, regardless of in-game rank so that they can decide which suggested plugins they would like to see on the server.

At Mc.ParadoxGamers (our minecraft server), we currently have 5 main worlds running: a world just for the spawn, our main world, the nether, the end, and a creative world.
We also run a sixth 'interactive' world. This is a world in which the admins (and certain players) are given the opportunity to work on massive projects such as theme parks or dungeons and make them fit into a real map.

Our automated ranking system works based on the time you've spent on-line in-game.
Put simply, the more you play the higher rank you'll be.
The ranks do take a while to earn though, after all it would be boring and un-challenging if you got the highest rank in a day.
Just type /rank check in-game to check your play-time.
When you rank up you can use more plugins and enter more worlds.

We boast a range of plugins, not necessarily the largest amount of plugins out there, but we certainly boast some of the best. And they're growing.
Our plugins are an integral part of our server, allowing us to build even more amazing things with our time and to make the server an even more beauteous place for our players.

At the moment we are running these plugins players can use (admins and owners can use more plugins) :

BOSEconomy, citizens, CommandBook, ,CraftBook, DtlCitizensTrader, dynmap, ExpBank, FalseBookCart, Lottery, LWC, mcMMO, Multiverse, PlayerHeads, PreciousStones, PvPToggle, Stats, streetlights, Transporter, TreeAssist, Votifier, xTeam and more

If you would like to pay us a visit, please check out our Minecraft Server at: .
You can hop on to our mumble voice comms server using these details: Label: Paradox Gaming IP: mumble.paradoxgamers Username: [Your MC username]