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  69   2   01/12/2020  

What Is LethalTactics?

LethalTactics is a diffrent type of server. It is a mix of PvP/PvE/Survival/Freebuild. We almost always have atleast one staff member to help your needs. We Have several PvP arenas and we host events regularly. Our place base it a bunch of friendly players who will gladly lend you a hand. We were one of the first Minecraft Bukkit servers to have HungerGames events hosted by our admin: Oreoohs. LethalTactics is truely "The Only Place To Be".

Does LethalTactics use any Economy System?

Yes. We use Essentialseconomy. We use this because, we see it as the best economy plugin for the players. It also comes with the great Chest Shop Plugin.We also have the official market at spawn with almost all the blocks in the game (sign interactive shop system).

What Are the Rules of LethalTactics?

LethalTactics is a PvP/Survival server but we do not allow any forms of griefing. We have logblock plugin to catch, ban, and rollback what an individual griefer has done. We do not prohibit the use of bad mannered language, and racism. We respect and welcome all kinds of people from all countries, people who don't follow these rules will be kicked, jailed in our wonderful jail, or even banned.

What Bukkit Plugins Does LethalTactics Offer?

We use essentials, World Guard, World Edit, Group manager, LogBlock, essentialsecconomy, SignBank to bank your exp, Craftipedia to look up any recipe in game, CHDistantFarm to have your crops grow even when your not on the chunk, HeroicDeath, Votifier, ChestShop, Deadbolt, MobArena, we even have the Chairs plugin for all your chair needs, our very own fence protect plugin, and a lot more great and intresting plugins. Other plugins include HungerGames, Chest Shops, Region Protect.

Other Features

- Survival World
- Hunger Games
- PVP Arenas
- Admin Shop

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